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Shannon Sharpe Responds After Dennis Rodman Says He Could Easily Guard LeBron James

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Dennis Rodman recently claimed he could easily handle LeBron, as the King 'has got no moves'. Rodman, one of the greatest defenders of all time, appeared on Youtube channel 'Overtime' and he was asked about what could he do against Bron, with Rodman replying like he always does.

“I could have locked his a** up," he said before going deeper and claiming Bron has a poor game with not so many moves. “LeBron is so easy to play. He is so f***ing easy to play. He has got no moves.”

“Scottie Pippen could shut his fu**ing a** down quick before I get to him,” he said.

Well, now Shannon Sharpe has come in LeBron's defense, taking some shots at Rodman for his statements. Former NFL tight-end turned analyst called Rodman's words 'bulljive', adding that Rodman is relevant now because he featured on 'The Last Dance'.

“This is bulljive! Let me tell you what LeBron did against some other great defenders. Iggy won Finals MVP and LeBron averaged 36-13-9. Against Draymond over 4 Finals, LeBron is 33-11-9,” Sharpe said, adding that “Dennis Rodman is out of his mind, which he probably was when he made that statement.”

He also named other great defenders like Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, recalling that LeBron faced them and he did it well.

Right now everybody is talking about Michael Jordan or LeBron James. 'The Last Dance' documentary took the GOAT conversation to the next level, although not everybody is convinced that conversation should be happening, as they see Jordan as the greatest of all time with nobody putting that status in jeopardize.