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Shannon Sharpe: 'LeBron Is Still Better Than MJ, The Last Dance Doesn't Change Anything'

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

After retiring from the NFL, Shannon Sharpe has made a career out of lauding LeBron James and defending him like he was his own father. And while he may be right on most of his arguments, sometimes he's just not being objective whatsoever.

One of the main stories about The Last Dance was how it could influence younger basketball fans to believe Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time after most of them were leaning towards giving LeBron James that distinction.

And judging by the massive success the documentary has had throughout the first three weeks of its airing, it's difficult to think that's not going to be the case once's all said and done.

However, Sharpe doesn't think the documentary has changed anything at all, as he doubled down on his guy and claimed LeBron James is still the greatest basketball player of all time, even above His Airness:

"For me, it's hurt him none. LeBron's resume has not changed. What they've done if that they've packaged this footage of Michael Jordan over 15 years and showing you the behind the scenes. These games were played. I don't know if everybody was old enough to be able to watch them, I don't know if people remember them or not, but nothing has changed. They're showing highlights (...) so for me, nothing has changed in my mind. It's just a compilation of behind the scene footage of Michael Jordan (...). Nothing has changed, Jordan cannot add anything else to his resume, LeBron James is still compiling his resume. So for me, it has not hurt LeBron's chances. For me, LeBron is the GOAT and there's nothing he can do to hurt his chances," Sharpe said on Undisputed.

LeBron James has one of the most impressive resumes in NBA history and that's by a long stretch. He does have a strong case to be considered the GOAT. However, his losing record in the NBA Finals and Jordan's overall impact as a brand and ambassador of the game will always haunt him.

As for who the GOAT really is, it's not up to us to decide, but at least we're privileged enough to have enjoyed both of their historically great careers.