Shannon Sharpe Says Lebron James Is Underappreciated: "I Don't Think We Truly Appreciate What We're Witnessing Until It's Gone. But Once Lebron Done You'll Sit Back And Digest His Career, You'll Have A Greater Appreciation For Him."

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(via USA Today FTW)

(via USA Today FTW)

Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless have a TV show dedicated nearly 90% to debating whether LeBron James is the greatest player of all time or not.

Bayless will fire shots at The King left and right and praise Michael Jordan as the undisputed GOAT, while Sharpe will take swipe at His Airness and talk long about how LeBron James is the best to ever do it. 

That's why it was somewhat surprising to see Shannon Sharpe sharing an objective point of just how good those players were, stating that LeBron James is underappreciated because he's still playing and that once he's done, people will finally stop taking him for granted:

"I don't think we truly appreciate what we're witnessing until it's gone," Sharpe said. "And then once it's gone, you sit back and you reflect. 'Cause I don't really think people realize just what they're watching when they had Bird and Magic and when they had Jordan. (...) But once LeBron is done, you'll sit back and digest his career, you'll have a greater appreciation for him."

Sharpe has a valid point. A 25/7/7 year for LeBron James is unimpressive for us anymore, even though we're talking about a 36-year-old player who shouldn't even be on the court playing north of 30 minutes per night at this point in his career.

Legendary as he is, great as he is, we're somehow taking him for granted because we got so used to him being great. Now, him not making it to the NBA Finals is considered a failure. That's some tough - and impossible -  standard to live by.

Once it's all said and done, LeBron James will have his spot on basketball's Mt. Rushmore. So, for those who still don't appreciate his game, you better change your mind before it's too late.