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Shannon Sharpe Takes A Shot At James Harden: "I Don't Think James Wanna Go To Boston. The Adult Entertainment Business Is Not The Same As In Houston."

(via Space City Scoop)

(via Space City Scoop)

To say that the past few weeks have been dramatic for the Houston Rockets would be an understatement. Coinciding with their season opener, Houston has been decimated by controversies surrounding their star, James Harden, and the toxic culture that stemmed from giving him preferential treatment.

With Harden standing firm in his trade demands, it seems he has been doing all he can to distance himself from the team -- including skipping out on practices to attend strip clubs and dodging questions relating to his future.

Naturally, his actions haven't come without criticism, with the most recent coming from FOX Sports analyst Shannon Sharpe, who took a shot at him live on the air.

"I don't think James wanna go to Boston. The adult entertainment business is not the same as in Houston... Atlanta might be a better play."

Obviously, Atlanta was the location of Lou Williams' infamous strip club appearance, the same one that has some wings on the menu named after him.

Unfortunately, in Harden's case, it is really taking a sting on his reputation, and fans can't help but look at his behavior in a negative light. Not only have his actions been a huge distraction, but they've also resulted in their opener having to be pushed back due to COVID-19 protocols. So far, things haven't been running very smoothly.

Hopefully, this whole situation blows over soon and H-Town can put their focus on the court again.