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Shannon Sharpe Takes A Shot At Michael Jordan: "Do You Realize MJ Was In His 2nd Retirement At The Age 36? My Guy Has Never Tasted 1,2,3 Cancun After The 1st Round Of The Playoffs! Your Guy Has Done It 3 Times."

Credit: NBA

Credit: NBA

Shannon Sharpe has become of the fiercest defenders of Michael Jordan and he's not even shy about it. The former NFL player-turned-analyst has LeBron James as his GOAT and just like Skip Bayless attacks LeBron, Shannon is always ready to defend the player against any accusation.

On LeBron's 36th birthday, Sharpe sent a big message to the Los Angeles Lakers star while attacking Michael Jordan, LeBron's biggest rival at the GOAT title. While his co-host Skip Bayless attacked Bron, Sharpe gave him some flowers while throwing shade at His Airness. He specifically talked about all the times MJ was eliminated in the first round of the playoffs while LeBron was never humiliated in that way.

"Happy Birthday, GOAT James! No one has done it better longer at this age. Do you realize MJ was in his 2nd retirement at the age 36? My guy has never tasted 1,2,3 Cancun after the 1st round of the playoffs! Your guy has done it 3 times," Sharpe said on Wednesday's edition of FS1's Undisputed.

This has been something recurrent in the NBA world this entire year. Sharpe and Bayless are always going at it and that doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon. The GOAT debate is hotter than ever and both LeBron and Jordan's fans will continue making the case for their favorite players.

This year, plenty of players made their case for one of Jordan or LeBron. Shawn Kemp said Jordan only won, Hakeem Olajuwon said it wasn't even fair to do the comparison with Jordan and Vince Carter even put MJ first and Kobe Bryant 2nd.

Other legends like Isiah Thomas agreed that LeBron James is the GOAT, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar called the King "bigger" than the debate itself and more. Everybody has something to say about this and these discussions will never end.

Let's enjoy greatness and that's it.