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Shannon Sharpe Very Critical Of Kawhi Leonard And Paul George: "How The 2 Best Wing Defenders Since Jordan And Pip Let Chef Steph Cook For 38 While Blowing A 20-PT Lead?"

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Once again the Los Angeles Clippers found a way to embarrass themselves on Friday night. The Californians blew a 20-point lead in the 3rd quarter, as the Golden State Warriors outscored them 52-20 in the final 15 minutes of their Friday showdown.

It was a terrible performance for the Clips, who reminded everybody why they're surrounded by a lot of questions regarding their ability to win without blowing big advantages, as they did in the bubble against the Denver Nuggets.

This team really needs to find an answer, especially for their two figures, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. They are responsible to prevent these situations but every time they've faced adversity with this team, they just disappear.

That has earned them a lot of jokes and criticism and recently, analyst Shannon Sharpe went after the star duo and their performance. Stephen Curry was on a mission yesterday, dropping 38 points and the dagger on the Clippers, to demonstrate he still got it.

Sharpe took to Twitter to ask why Kawhi and George let a big advantage vanish again when everything seemed to be in their favor until the 3rd quarter of the game.

"I’m trying to figure out. How the 2 best wing defenders since Jordan and Pip let Chef Steph cook for 38 while blowing a 20 pt lead? I blame Doc Rivers for not drawing up better plays and playing to players strength. "

Curry was just too much to bear for them and Andrew Wiggins was a key piece for the Dubs, too. They carried the team to the victory, beat a team that is expected to compete in the West and improved their record to 6-4 when everybody thought they were going to be bad this campaign.