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Shaq Addresses The Claim That He Had Secret Code To Get Kobe To Stop Shooting The Ball

(via Complex)

(via Complex)

A while ago, former Lakers player Raja Bell revealed Shaq created a code with his teammates to stop passing Kobe the ball when he was "shooting too much." At the time, we all took the claim as truth because, well, it seemed believable enough, especially with the way it all ended between Shaq and Kobe.

When asked to comment on those claims, Shaq only murked up the waters -- refusing to outright confirm or deny the claims.

O'Neal kept saying that only words coming from his own lips could be perceived as fact, but if the report by Raja was indeed faked, why not come right out and say it?

In the interview, Kristine Leahy points this out on camera, and Shaq looks visibly uncomfortable.

If it is the truth then it's a believable one. Even as a young, unproven player, Bryant was not shy about letting it fly. Often times, his unreluctance to shoot cost the team some valuable offensive possessions. It's easy to see why Shaq and his teammates were willing to develop a code to stop it.

Question is, why is he not willing to admitt it?