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Shaq Comes To LeBron’s Defense For Criticizing Distracted Teammates


In all the criticism that has gone LeBron’s way lately, we’ve heard very few actually come to his defense.

That is until Shaq spoke up on the subject.

He stood up for LeBron, saying it was time for guys to “step up” if they don’t want to be traded.

“It’s no time to sit and sulk,” O’Neal said, according to Yahoo Sports. “If you don’t want to be traded or you don’t want to be talked about, step up. LeBron is used to playing with guys who hit shots and make him look good. He’s not having that right now.”

“Look, I was traded six times,” O’Neal said. “I never cried about it. You move on. It’s the business of basketball. If you want to be a guy who doesn’t get traded, you’ve got to step up. Period.”

True, Ingram, Kuz and the other young Lakers should give the team a reason not to trade them. They have failed thus far, and have only sulked in it ever since.

James has to set the tone here. The team has got to work with what they’ve got. And whatever happens with them going forward, they’ll never get where they want unless they move on and just play ball.