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Shaq Had To Show His Hairline To The World After Losing A Bet To Dwyane Wade

(Credit: Sports Gossip)

(Credit: Sports Gossip)

Shaq bet against Dwyane Wade that the Bucks would beat his former team, the Miami Heat, on Monday night. Unfortunately for him, the Heta pulled off a pretty dominating victory, beating Milwaukee by 16 points at home.

His punishment? He had to reveal his fading hairline to the world.

Yikes... that hairline is pretty far back. But kudos to Shaq for paying up. Most people likely would have tried to weasel their way out of that one. It didn't stop the community from roasting him, though.

The internet is sharing a good laugh at Shaq's expense this morning, but it doesn't take away from who he is and how great he's been on Inside the NBA.

As one of the best analysts in the business, his basketball takes (and insight on big-man play in particular) is top-notch. He's also one of the most naturally funny sports personalities there is.

I guess what he's lacking "up there" he makes for in sheer briallince and comedy.