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Shaq O'Neal Explains How Him And Kobe Would Destroy Stephen Curry And The Warriors

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Shaquille O'Neal keeps taking shots at the Golden State Warriors and this time he went after their biggest figure, Stephen Curry. He's been exchanging jabs with Draymond Green in recent days, but now Steph is the victim of Shaq and his trash talking.

Talking about an imagined scenario where O'Neal and his Lakers take on Curry, Green and the Warriors, the former big man made it clear there was nothing Curry could do to beat the Lakers. Talking on the Frank Caliendo Podcast, Shaq revealed the strategy he used to stop Curry, just like he did during his glory days with Kobe Bryant and company.

"We would've let them come off the pick-and-roll and we would've trapped Stephen Curry and made someone else shoot," O'Neal said, per Melissa Rohlin of Sports Illustrated. "If that didn't work, we would've let Stephen Curry drive to the basket and I would've laid his little ass out a couple of times. Period."

It looks like that was the actual strategy Shaq used with Kobe when they shared touches in the Lakers.

"When we had problems with guards, I'd tell Kobe, 'Let them drive. I got it. And I'd touch their ass up,'" O'Neal said.

Those Lakers were one of the biggest forces in the league, winning three straight championships from 2000 through 2002. The Warriors are also one of the best teams this century has seen; they've won three titles in the last five years and are ready to continue their dominance in the NBA next year.

According to Shaq, the Dubs would have had a really bad time going against those Lakers.