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Shaq O'Neal: 'I Wouldn't Do A Last Dance Documentary Because Kobe Bryant Isn't Here'

Credit: Newsday

Credit: Newsday

After Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls' docu-series, 'The Last Dance', saw the light, everybody has started to produce their own documentaries. Fans have wondered if we'll ever see a Last Dance-type documentary with other teams, especially the Los Angeles Lakers who had Phil Jackson and witnessed another tense relationship in the team with Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant.

Shaq was recently interviewed by Complex, where he talked about the possibility of making a documentary similar to what Jordan and the Bulls did.

O'Neal revealed he'd never do that since Kobe Bryant wasn't around, stating that the documentary would make people remember “old mess” and he doesn't want to bring any negative attention to Kobe.

"My guy (Kobe) is not here, I don't want no old mess brought up so if they ask me to do it, I'm not gonna do it. Because of course, that's part of our relationship, that's part of what we did but I don't want to bring that attention to him. I saw my rings the other day, I'll put 'em on the safe or I'll put 'em on the bank. I don't wanna wear them 'cause he's not here to celebrate with me. So, they're gonna talk about this and that, 'oh, he got traded', 'they wouldn't get along', I don't wanna hear that. I want to celebrate him in a great light, I want to celebrate myself in great light. And, since the emerge of the internet, everybody knows the story."

If you want to see a Last Dance-esque documentary focused on those Lakers, Shaq won't be there. He's right with his words, Kobe is not here and it's unnecessary to bring up all the things that happened during the years they played together. They lived great moments with the Purple and Gold and that's what everybody wants to remember about their relationship.