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Shaq O'Neal Loses His Mind After Ryan Hollins Says MJ, Kobe Couldn't Fill LeBron's Shoes

Shaq O'Neal Loses His Mind After Ryan Hollins Says MJ, Kobe Couldn't Fill LeBron's Shoes-750-500

The debate on the greatest NBA player of all time has always been a very hot topic for basketball fans and analysts. Many believe that it does come down to Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, the opinions on who the greatest of the three is can vary from analyst to analyst.

This was proven once again this week when former Lakers superstar Shaquille O’Neal joined ESPN’s First Take on Tuesday, his reactions to former NBA player Ryan Hollins is something you just can’t miss. Not only did Hollins and Shaq debate the GOAT topic, they also spoke about a hypothetical matchup between Michael Jordan’s Bulls and the current Golden State Warriors super team.

Shaq: “You said LeBron James is the greatest player ever? What about Michael and Kobe? So you’re just going to pass Kobe up like that?”

Hollins: “I’m going to pass Kobe up, I’m going to look at Michael.”

This statement to pass on Kobe and just consider Jordan had Shaq speechless, he even grabbed Hollins’ coffee mug, smelling it and then joking “oh I knew it, Patron, America”

First Take’s other analyst, Max Kellerman, also couldn’t believe what Hollins was saying, he sided with Shaq with everything the two debated. When Hollins announced that he believed Kobe and MJ could not fill LeBron’s shoes, both Shaq and Kellerman dropped their heads onto the table in disbelief.

Hollins: “Kobe Bryant couldn’t fill, or Michael Jordan couldn’t fill LeBron’s shoes, the impact he’s had with different teammates and different organisations.”

Shaq: (Speaking to host Molly Qerim) “Would you be mad at me if I just walked off the show”

It was a hilarious segment to say the least and it didn’t stop there with the two former players then debating who would win in a head-to-head match up of the Golden State Warriors and Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls. The two went through each match up and neither of them were backing down from their opinion, this led to a hilarious final response from Shaq.

“Whoever’s paying him to say all this stuff, I will pay you double to stop it.”