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Shaq O'Neal On Kawhi Leonard Free Agency: "I Would Stay"

Max Kellerman: "Kawhi Is The Best, Most Clutch Basketball Player On Earth Right Now"

Kawhi Leonard’s free agency is going to be one, if not the biggest, stories this offseason, as the two-time NBA champion is one of the most coveted players of the transfer market and plenty of teams will be interested in signing him.

However, it looks like his list of potential destinations includes just three or four franchises, but still, anyone who has a little bit of hope to land the Klaw won’t miss the chance to take their shot. There have been plenty of rumors on Leonard’s future and the small forward has already discussed what he’s planning to do this offseason, but that hasn’t prevented people to give their opinion on Leonard’s future.

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal has been spitting some wisdom in recent days and making huge headlines discussing the hottest topics around the association and the Kawhi saga wasn’t the exception. During an appearance on Fox Sports 1’s First Thing First, the four-time NBA champion praised the former San Antonio Spurs star and explained what he would do if he were in Kawhi’s shoes.

When asked where he would want to see Kawhi next season, Shaq replied: “He’s the king of Toronto. He’s the emperor of Canada. I wouldn’t leave.”

“He doesn’t really talk much, so we can’t speak on what’s he’s going to do, but if I was him and I’m the king in a different country, I would stay there.”

There you go, maybe Shaq will help the Raptors to retain Kawhi this offseason with his words. However, the last word on this matter belongs to the 27-year-old and we still have to wait to see where he’s going to play next season.