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Shaq O'Neal Reveals The Origin Of His Free Throw Woes: "First Time I Was Ever Nervous... All The Stuff That I Learned, It Just Went Away."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Shaquille O'Neal is one of the most dominant centers to have ever seen a basketball court. O'Neal dominated almost every center in the league, and there was almost no one that could fully stop him. Shaquille O'Neal was a complete center for his era, and the only thing that he was bad at was free-throw shooting.

Recently, Shaquille O'Neal revealed how his free-throw woes began on The Rex Chapman Show. It is mentioned in the video that O'Neal went 68-1 in high school, losing to only one team. That caused Shaquille O'Neal to reveal that this particular matchup was the beginning of his free throw problems.

The name of the school is Liberty Hill High School. That's their claim to fame, they beat Shaq. And Rex, believe it or not, it was the beginning of my free throw woes. So we play against this team, I'm in foul trouble. We come back, a couple seconds left, down by one, they foul me. First time I was ever nervous. No really. All the stuff that I learned it just went away, and then when you miss, and everybody is laughing at you, you get nervous again. So that was how I felt on the free throw line: okay, they're gonna laugh at me. Just give it up.

While Shaquille O'Neal wasn't the best free-throw line shooter, he still became one of the most dominant players of all time, and an iconic figure in the NBA world. At the end of the day, every player has their flaws: Shaquille O'Neal is the same way.