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Shaq O'Neal Wasn't Pleased When 10 Year Old Olivia Harness Said She Could Drop Him With One Move

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Shaquille O'Neal is a former NBA player who had an illustrious career. Most place him in their top 10 players of All-Time, and no one can deny how dominant he was in his prime. O'Neal has always been confident in his abilities, and that has helped him throughout his career.

Shaq O'Neal knows that he's good, and that is why he wasn't happy when 10-year-old basketball player Olivia Harness said that she would drop him with one move during her recent appearance on NBA on TNT. Harness is a basketball phenom from Arizona who has been featured on House of Highlights. Her talent is clearly there, and one must clearly be somewhat good to think they could drop Shaquille O'Neal with one move. (6:36)

Olivia Harness: He'd fall. Just one move and he'd fall.

O'Neal stayed mostly silent after she said that, seemingly stunned. After the interview was done Shaquille O'Neal commented on Olivia Harness's statement, and strongly rebuked the notion that Harness would be able to score on him. (7:46)

She ain't gonna score... Guess what, she better dunk it.

While it would be hard for a 10-year-old basketball player to score on Shaquille O'Neal, Harness's confidence is astounding. What is funny though was Shaq O'Neal's reaction. There is no doubt that O'Neal would probably win the matchup, but he seemed shocked that someone thought they could drop him on the court, even if they're talented like Olivia Harness. It is clear that the 1 v 1 scenario between the two was proposed as a joke, and it was hilarious to see O'Neal's reaction.