Shaq O'Neals Says The Los Angeles Lakers Want Miami Heat In The NBA Finals

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Shaquille O'Neal Says Lakers Prefer To Face The Heat In NBA Finals

The Los Angeles Lakers are waiting for a rival in the 2020 NBA Finals after beating the Denver Nuggets 4-1 in the Western Conference Finals. LeBron James and co. have done a terrific job taking this team to this stage and they're ready to take on a new challenge to win the Larry O'Brien trophy after 10 years.

According to a Lakers legend, the team has already made up their mind about who they want to face in their next series. In the post-game show, Shaquille O'Neal claimed the Lakers would like to face the Miami Heat in the Finals instead of the Boston Celtics. Shaq explained Miami is seen as an easier matchup for the Lakers than the Boston Celtics and LeBron would be thrilled to play his former team in the biggest series of all.

“They’re just gonna sit back tonight, celebrate and say, ‘We’re going to play Boston or Miami,’ but something tells me they want the Miami Heat,” Shaq said.

“What tell you that?” inquired Ernie Johnson.

“I’m not allowed to give you my source, but they want the Miami Heat,” O’Neal responded.

Once he revealed he had 'sources,' Charles Barkley came after him, clowning Shaq for making things up.

“You ain’t got no sources, fool!” Chuck replied.

Even if this is real, it's not like the Heat will be the easier opponent for the Lakers. They are a well-rounded team with a great coach that can make some noise against these Lakers. Jimmy Butler has done a terrific job leading this team and the help of Bam Adebayo, young shooters like Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson will make things very difficult for the Californians.

Perhaps they'd like to play with the Heat, as Shaq says, but the Floridians won't be easy to beat. That's for sure.