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Shaquille O'Neal Beats His Daughters In Funny And Wholesome 2-On-1 Game

Shaquille O'Neal Beats His Daughters In Funny And Wholesome 2-On-1 Game

It's well known that Shaquille O'Neal is all love when it comes to the women in his life. This is more visible when it comes to his daughters, as Shaq has the purest love for them and is willing to do everything to protect them. 

However, it seems like when he hits the court; it doesn't matter who's in front, he will try to win every single match. A couple of months ago, Shareef O'Neal accused his father of fouling too much when they played 1-on-1, and the O'Neal girls might have something to add to that.

During the 2022 All-Star Weekend, Shaq and his daughters, Me’arah and Amirah, engaged in an entertaining and wholesome 2-on-1 duel. Shaq went at it against his girls, constantly stopping them at the paint, blocking some shots, but also goaltending. 

Footage shows Shaq winning the match 4-1, but many fans had something to say about it. While some made fun of Shaq's approach to the game, others couldn't help but talk about how Me’arah and Amirah are. 

Still dominating 🙌

Real talk they like 6’4

Why is he even retired?

Is this how tall Shaq daughters are ?

Man he petty 🤣😭😭

Foul him and wait till he gets to the free throw line 😂😂

3 second violation like a MF!! Lmao

He’s goaltending

@shareefoneal would’ve tried to punch it on him here lol



Yo they are almost to his shoulders!!!

He pinned the ball in the nets😂

Lesson learned 49 year old Shaq vs girls is the same as 25 year old shaq against grown men

Doing they ahh!!!

How tall are they

So unfair, lol 😂

There so tall🙌

It was all fun and games, but Shaq surely was trying to beat them. It was pretty good to watch the Big Diesel having fun with his daughters, who couldn't stand a chance against his illegal plays. 

The O'Neal family is very close and they never miss a chance to show that. The kids are trying to follow in their father's footsteps, as Shareef recently played in the Summer League for the Los Angeles Lakers. Unfortunately, he left more doubts than certainties, but his father is confident he can make it to the association. 

Meanwhile, Me’arah and Amirah are trying to leave a mark on women's basketball, just like his father did in the association. The O'Neal family could become one of the most dominant families in basketball, but we still have to wait to see if that happens.