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Shaquille O'Neal Calls Out The Lakers: '7th Spot Is Embarrassing. Real Champions, We Don’t Want To Hear About No Excuses.'


Shaquille O'Neal blasted the Los Angeles Lakers for their current situation and how bad they've fared since Anthony Davis and LeBron James went down with injuries. 

AD is back, and Bron is expected to return against the Houston Rockets tonight. However, this doesn't mean things are going to magically change for the purple and gold. They sit at 7th in the Western Conference, which means they need to play at least one extra game to make it to the 2021 playoffs. 

This wasn't what the fans expected from them after winning the 2020 NBA championship and Shaq let them know. During a recent edition of NBA on TNT, the 4x NBA champion sent a big message to his former team, saying that their current ranking is 'embarrassing.'

Via Basketball Network

"If I was LeBron, I would come in and said we are in the 7th spot, that is the play-in, and that is embarrassing. I’m going to be back in one or two games, and I need one or two guys to step up. Kyle, what are you going to do? KCP, what are you going to do? The thing I don’t like about Kuzma is that he has games like this every now or then, and we need this from him every night. We all know the Lakers one-two punch is AD and LeBron but guess what? They get so much attention you will be able to shine.

"Right now, the Lakers are the champs, they are in the play-in position, and everybody is talking about them, and that is embarrassing. They need to focus on getting to that sixth spot. Real champions, we don’t want to hear about no excuses. I know they had injuries, but for them to be in the play-in is embarrassing, and If I was LeBron, I would come to everybody and be like, what are you going to do?"

This situation went worse and worse for the Lakers. After missing their two biggest stars to injuries, the rest of the team looked lost. Not even the addition of Andre Drummond could have a significant impact on the roster. 

We are getting closer to the end of the regular season, and they need to bring their best game if they want to avoid facing a team like the Golden State Warriors with an inspired Stephen Curry. 

This is a very entertaining situation for the rest of the league watching the champions struggling to get things going. Still, Lakers fans must be worried about their team and what they're going to do before the regular season ends.