Shaquille O’Neal Clarifies Comments On Ben Simmons: “If I See He Needs To Do Something To Get To That Next Level, I’m Gonna Always Say It.”

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Shaquille O’Neal explained his comments about Ben Simmons. When the Philadelphia 76ers were still alive in the 2021 NBA playoff, everybody had something to say to the point guard, offering advice on what he could do to improve his shooting.

Shaq was part of that group, as he urged Simmons to step up if he wanted to keep the season alive. Ben has become one of the most popular topics of discussion in the NBA in recent weeks.

Former and current players offered their advice to Simmons, who struggled at the free-throw line and taking shots in the 4th quarters of the Eastern Conference second round. His issues seem to be mental more than anything, but everybody appears to have the solution to all his problems.

Recently, Shaq clarified what he meant when he criticized the young guard. For him, it was just a way to push him to be more aggressive. During a recent edition of The Big Podcast, O’Neal said:

“When I’m going at Ben, it ain’t from a bad place. It’s from a place of leadership…As a friend, as someone that loves and respects the sport, if I see he need to do something to get to that next level, I’m gonna always say it. So, I was just saying about young fella, just be aggressive.”

Right now, Ben’s future with the Sixers is uncertain. Recent reports suggest the team already started talking with rivals to see what they can get in exchange for the Aussie. However, Philly will only deal Simmons if they get an All-Star in return.

This offseason is critical for Simmons. He needs to find his touch and become a more consistent shooter if he wants to become the valuable player that can help a team win the ‘ship.