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Shaquille O'Neal Clowns One Of His Own Players On National Television

Shaquille O'Neal Clowns One Of His Own Players On National Television

Shaq is a lot of things... a basketball legend, an NBA analyst, a father/husband, and a millionaire businessman.

He also happens to be a minority owner of the Sacramento Kings -- one of the NBA's least popular franchises. Shaq has been. a huge supporter and advocate for his team, but apparently not even he has been able to stomach them much lately.

On NBA Overtime last night, they showed some clips of Sacramento's 140-125 win over the Pelicans, and Shaq basically roasted one of his own players live on the air...

Interestingly enough, this has become a somewhat running joke for O'Neal. A few months ago, he roasted Barnes in a similar fashion.

“Has your boy shaved yet?” asked Barkley.

“What? Shave what?” responded Shaq.

“Harrison Barnes said he’s not going to shave until they hit .500”

“I don’t even know who that is, who is that? Oh! Harrison Barnes, I’m sorry, yeah,” joked Shaq.

Either Shaq has some sort of disdain for Barnes, or he just really has;t been keeping up with his team.

Considering the Kings haven't been very good recently, it could be either.

Despite getting an invite to Orlando, Sac-Town is blowing their opportunity, as they are just 1-3 since the bubbles games began. WIth De'Aaron Fox, Buddy Hield, and Bogdan Bogdanovic, the team has some real talent that they have yet to be able to capitalize on -- no doubt in part to their struggles in the locker room.

If Shaq has a say in it (and he certainly does) we can probably expect some changes in the near future.