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Shaquille O'Neal Doesn't Think Zion Williamson Has A Weight Problem: “I Don’t Think He Has A Weight Problem, He's Just Big-Boned. Listen, The Man Out There Doing Windmills. I’m Out Of Shape And I’m Leading The League In Scoring.”

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Zion Williamson's fitness has been a big topic of discussion in the NBA ever since he landed in the league. This obviously affects his body and game by putting him through injuries that prevent him from displaying everything the New Orleans Pelicans expect from him. 

He didn't play a single minute this season due to a foot injury, which sparked a series of rumors about his future with the Pelicans, his career and even his body. Zion was said to be overweight, around 300 pounds and more things, while pictures of him showed that none of that was true.

Well, that hasn't changed the fact that people are constantly attacking him for his body. Not everybody thinks he has a weight issue and Shaquille O'Neal is one of them. During a recent edition of The Big Podcast with Shaq, the 4x NBA champion came in Zion's defense, explaining why he's just fine: 

“I don’t think he has a weight problem, he’s just big-boned. Listen, the man out there doing windmills. I’m out of shape and I’m leading the league in scoring," O'Neal said, via Sportskeeda.

It's good to see that somebody is actually offering support to Zion. Shaq had previously roasted him for the same thing, but he has changed his mind now. Everybody wants to see Williamson healthy and ready to go with a Pelicans team that already showed they can compete for a playoffs spot this season. 

O'Neal also had other ideas for the young forward, suggesting that he changes the Pelicans for the Los Angeles Lakers after the former embarrassed him with recent reports. Time will tell how both parties handle this situation, but fans in New Orleans surely want to see their No. 1 overall pick doing his thing alongside CJ McCollum and Brandon Ingram.