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Shaquille O'Neal On James Harden: "He Hasn’t Stepped Up Yet. All That Talk About You Know We Should Be Uplifting Brothers And All That, I Uplift My Brother By Telling Them The Truth. I Am Not A Yes Man. You Ain’t Show Up Yet. You Gotta Win The Championshi

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

With James Harden being traded to the Brooklyn Nets, many people are already saying that they are a team that is championship bound. After all, having two former MVPs and another All-Star on the same team makes them the favorites on paper. The Brooklyn Nets have a superteam, and the rest of the league should be worried. With the roster that they have

Recently though, Shaquille O'Neal went on First Take and elaborated on why it is a championship or bust for the Brooklyn Nets. He also addressed James Harden possibly disliking what he said about the team being championship or bust.

KD knows what it takes to win a championship, so does Kyrie. James hasn’t been there yet, it’s time to win a championship. All the talk about going to the Finals, no no, he’s not a young player.

This isn’t his first or second year, championship or bust... so I guess James has a little problem with what I said.

He hasn’t stepped up yet. All that talk about you know we should be uplifting brothers and all that, I uplift my brother by telling them the truth. I am not a Yes Man. You ain’t show up yet. You gotta win the championship.

You're supposed to make the Finals. But you're also supposed to win.

Shaquille O'Neal is right about there being a lot of pressure on the Nets to win a championship. After all, James Harden is supposed to be the X-factor in making that happen. James Harden will have the most pressure on him, but so far, he seems to be up for the challenge. Winning a championship should be straightforward when you have the kind of star-power that the Brooklyn Nets have, but we'll see what transpires in the postseason