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Shaquille O'Neal On James Harden Winning A Championship: "You Could Be The Best Player In The World, But You Still Got To Sacrifice... If You Got Guys Not Touching The Ball And Not Being In Rhythm When It Comes To Crunch Time, They Ain’t Gonna Never Be Re

(via Action Network)

(via Action Network)

James Harden is a player who has often been criticized for being super dominant on the ball: he drops eye-popping numbers on the regular, but the chatter outside has been about his lack of a championship. Plenty of people are dominant in the regular season, but the postseason is where you make your name. Harden could still win a ring, but the clock is ticking. Despite his lack of a championship though, he should still be remembered as an elite player, somebody that can break down any defense.

Shaquille O'Neal recently went on the All Things Covered podcast to talk about a variety of issues, and one of the things that came up was James Harden's situation with Houston. The segment starts at 1:04:28.

Shaquille O'Neal talks about his experiences of winning a championship with Kobe Bryant: he mentions sacrificing during the fourth quarter, so that they could win, despite O'Neal himself getting fewer shots than Kobe Bryant during clutch time. O'Neal suggests that Harden should utilize his teammates more to be successful and win a championship. All the greats have sacrificed to win championships: even Michael Jordan had to learn to score fewer points. A lot of teams succeed due to ball movement, rather than the static system put in place by Mike D'Antoni during Harden's prime.

James Harden could yet win a championship. He's been to the Finals before and knows what it takes to win in the NBA and make the playoffs. It's that next step that people want him to take: many Houston fans want to win it with Harden, as he is a Rockets' legend. Hopefully, Harden and the Rockets can compete for a ring and win it all.