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Shaquille O'Neal On The Kevin Durant-Stephen A. Smith Beef: “It’s Gossip, It’s Marketing.”

Shaquille O'Neal On The Kevin Durant-Stephen A. Smith Beef: “It’s Gossip, It’s Marketing.”

Kevin Durant and Stephen A. Smith recently engaged in a Twitter battle when the ESPN analyst criticized the Brooklyn Nets' legacy in the NBA, claiming that Durant not winning a championship in Brooklyn would earn him plenty of bad comments since he left a comfortable situation in Golden State to join Kyrie Irving in New York. 

The player didn't like those comments and replied to Smith, who responded on Twitter and TV, but the 2x NBA champion wasn't having any of that, taking shots at the controversial analyst

This situation appears to be part of the past now, but it made a lot of noise when it was fresh. Many people had something to say about it, and Shaquille O'Neal recently gave his two pennies on the situation, saying that the ongoing feud is good for the game thanks to the attention it brings to the competition. 

Talking on his 'The Big Podcast with Shaq,' the Los Angeles Lakers legend had this to say: 

"It's good for the game, it really is," O'Neal said. "It's gossip. It's marketing."

Kevin Durant has been known for confronting people who criticize him, including fans and media members. He has clashed with other people, including Shannon Sharpe and Michael Rapaport. He reignited an old feud with Stephen A. when he replied to his comments and we all know this will happen again. 

NBA players have been more outspoken thanks to social media, and KD has taken the biggest advantage of this. Smith has been called out multiple times for his takes, and won't stop happening, either. 

They gave us a good fight, and opinions on who won vary depending on who you ask. Durant remains sidelined for the Nets, hoping to get back on the court soon and play with newly-acquired Ben Simmons. They have renewed championship hopes with the playmaker. If the Nets win it all, Durant will probably show the receipts to Smith and those who doubted him.