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Shaquille O'Neal On Why His Daughters Wouldn't Let Him Know Their Boyfriends: "I Know What They Little Boys Thinking. If I Look At You, And You Got That Player Look, Nah."

Shaquille O'Neal Warned His Daughter To Stay Away From Guys Like Him: "I Was Terrible. I Was The Worse Ever."

Shaquille O'Neal really loves and cares for the women in his life, from his mother to his daughters and more special ladies, the Big Diesel is very protective of them. It's different with the boys, as O'Neal thinks he gives them the right tools to face the challenges of life and more. 

However, the 4x NBA champion thinks he has a bigger responsibility with his daughters, taking things very seriously when it comes to them. Shaq already revealed he has a rule for his boys, who have to leave the house when they turn 18, while the girls are allowed to stay as long as they want

He knows how boys think nowadays and tries to protect his girls at all cost. However, he is also aware that they could make some drastic decisions, not allowing Shaq to meet their boyfriends. 

The Los Angeles Lakers legend recently touched on this on his podcast, admitting he's a 'player' and knows what moves men try to pull on women now. Shaq claimed that with just one look, he could see if somebody's intentions were pure or fake. 

“My daughters probably won’t let me even meet their boyfriends. You gotta understand, what we know coz we are all old players and veterans, I know what they little boys thinking. If I look at you, and you got that player look, nah.” 

Shaq used to manage himself as a dog, and it's easy to see where these comments come from. He knows things can get ugly when people don't respect others' feelings and just play with them. He used to be one of them and definitely doesn't want his daughters to go through some rough moments, thanks to somebody else. Still, there are things you can't block, Shaq, and this is one of them.