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Shaquille O'Neal Reacts To Dwight Howard's Return To L.A.: 'Who?!'

(via Twitter)

(via Twitter)

6 years after his first run in Los Angeles, Dwight Howard is returning to the Lakers with his tail between his legs.

He was close to complete exile from the NBA after years of unsuccessful tenures with other teams, including the Rockets, Hawks, Hornets, and Wizards. An injury to DeMarcus Cousins forced the Lakers to look his direction, and the team added him on with a number of warnings.

The reaction so far has been mixed but formed Laker legend Shaquille O'Neal was quick to throw a jab at Howard when asked by TMZ to react to the news that he'd be joining the Purple and Gold.

So, when we saw Shaq at Papa John's in ATL -- where he was giving away free pizza to kids -- we had to ask how he felt about the Lakers signing D12 in the wake of Boogie Cousins getting injured.

"Who?! I don’t know him.”

Shaq is undoubtedly one of the greatest players in franchise history, having won 3 NBA Championships in an overwhelmingly dominant fashion. His standard of excellence is high.

Compare that to D12 (a stubborn locker-room distraction with almost no postseason success), and it's clear why he has his reservations. O'Neal needs to see before he believes -- and Dwight still has a whole lot to prove in the regard.