Shaquille O'Neal Responds To Claims That He's Not Skilled: "And Still He's The Most Dominant Player Ever."

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Shaquille O’Neal isn’t willing to take anything from anybody and he’s not afraid to clap back at people trying to trash him for his takes or the way he used to play basketball. Recently, the NBA Hall of Famer went after one Instagram user that dared to claim he wasn’t skilled at all.

One person shared an ‘unpopular opinion’ about O’Neal, stating that he was successful because he was just gifted, with no skills at all, so he didn’t have the right to talk about other people and how bad or good their game can be.

Well, O’Neal wasn’t holding anything back and he went after this user, reminding them that he’s ‘the most dominant player ever’.

“And still he’s the most dominant player ever,” The Big Diesel wrote.

shaq dominant

Well, Shaq was questioned for his poor work ethic and that is what started his infamous feud with former teammate Kobe Bryant. Shaq was a force of nature and he won four NBA titles thanks to his dominance. You can say his physics had a lot to do with that, but his footwork is too overrated.

He did more things than just rely on his physical gifts and that took him to the next level. At this moment, he is considered one of the greatest big men in the history of the league and that wasn’t a fluke. Shaq was a bad man that earned that honor with his performances on the NBA court.