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Shaquille O'Neal Reveals He Was Offered $2.5 Million To Have A Boxing Match Against Lamar Odom

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Shaquille O'Neal Reveals He Was Offered $2.5 Million To Have A Boxing Match Against Lamar Odom

Celebrity boxing has become more of a common occurrence in recent memory. While boxing by professional boxers is certainly more skillful, some fans enjoy watching other celebrities square off. It's definitely

There have also been former NBA players that have participated in matches such as these. For example, former All-Star Deron Williams faced off against Frank Gore, who was a 5-time Pro-Bowl selection in the NFL.   

Shaquille O'Neal was one of the most dominant forces in the NBA, and he's widely viewed as one of the strongest basketball players that have ever been in the league. Seeing him in one of those celebrity matches would certainly be intriguing, and most people would bet on him to win against most opponents.

While O'Neal hasn't done one of those yet, it seems as though some people are extremely interested in making that happen. On a recent episode of the Big Podcast, Shaquille O'Neal revealed that he was offered $2.5 million to box against former Lakers forward Lamar Odom.

Somebody say they gonna give me a contract. $2.5 (million) to fight Lamar Odom. Shaq VS Lamar Odom for 2.5.

Lamar Odom has already gotten a celebrity boxing match win earlier this year after knocking out Aaron Carter, so he clearly wouldn't be an easy person to fight against. With that being said, Shaquille O'Neal would have the physical advantage in this scenario, so it's easy to see him winning against Odom.

Obviously, dominance in basketball doesn't necessarily translate to dominance in boxing. But Shaquille O'Neal would certainly be a formidable matchup for anyone in a theoretical boxing match simply due to his size and physique. We'll see if Shaquille O'Neal ends up boxing in the future, but there has been no reporting that has suggested that a fight featuring him is coming soon.