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Shaquille O'Neal Rips James Harden: "When You Say You Gave The City Your All, That Ain’t True."

(via The SportsRush)

(via The SportsRush)

James Harden and his dramatic exit from Houston is the biggest story in the NBA right now.

After weeks of chaos, he eventually forced the Rockets' hand, prompting a trade that sent him to Brooklyn earlier this week. With the city of Houston feeling outraged and betrayed, and Harden leaving with nothing to show for his efforts, this whole ordeal has been a huge stain on his legacy.

On "Inside the NBA," Shaquille O'Neal responded to it all, ripping into the star shooting guard for the way he has handled this situation.

“When you say you have the city your all, that ain’t true. You asked for Dwight Howard, we gave them to you, didn’t work out. You asked for Chris Paul, we gave them to you. You asked for some shooters, we gave them to you. You asked for Westbrook, your homeboy from little league, we gave him to you. It didn’t work out.

He ain’t do nothing. He ain’t step up when he was supposed to step up,” Shaq said.

Indeed, the Rockets did everything they could to give Harden what he wanted. Whether it was going after a player, adjusting a scheme, or giving out the top-tier royal treatment, Harden's requests were always granted by the organization.

He was unable to capitalize and left them in the dust -- likely leaving them with years of rebuilding ahead.

It's really no wonder why Shaq, and others, have taken to such harsh rhetoric concerning the matter.