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Shaquille O'Neal Says Lakers Should Recruit Klay Thompson To Be 'Highest-Paid Laker In History'



If given the reigns of the Lakers, Shaq said the first person he would call to reconstruct the team is Golden State superstar Klay Thompson.

"If I was in (former Lakers president) Magic (Johnson)'s spot, this is the first thing I'm doing: After the finals, I’m getting in touch with Klay (Thompson)," O'Neal said on PodcastOne's "The Big Podcast with Shaq", while discussing how he'd approach the 2019 free agency pool if he were among the Lakers' top brass. 

"I’ll be like, ‘Klay, your contract is coming up. KD’s contract is coming up. Lots of guys’ contracts are coming up. They can’t pay you what we can pay you. You will be the highest-paid Laker in Laker history. One, I want you to come play with LeBron, and we want to get this thing cracking again. We want you to come live in LA.’

In terms of upcoming NBA free agents, perhaps none provide what Thompson does. He is (arguably) the second-best shooter in the game, one of the best perimeter defenders, and is a selfless teammate who plays well with others. He is every franchise’s dream.

The Lakers would obviously love to have him, but even all the money in the world might not be enough to lure him away from Golden State.