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Shareef O'Neal Shares Incredible Image Of The Sky: Number 8 And Number 2

Credit: TW/SSJreef

Credit: TW/SSJreef

Shareef O'Neal has shared with the world one of the most incredible images you'll ever see. It's been seven months since Kobe Bryant left this world after a fatal helicopter crash that killed him, his daughter Gianna and seven other people. A lot of people around the world still mourn this loss, but Kobe always finds a way to remind us that we have to remember him with a smile on our faces.

Shareef, son of Kobe's former teammate and nemesis Shaquille O'Neal, took to Twitter to share one picture where you could see some clouds with a very clear message.

"I thought I should share what I saw in the sky today🥺❤️ #8.. it might be a stretch to some but I see it clear as ever ❤️ #8," he tweeted with a pic that clearly looks like an 8.

If that wasn't enough, some fans peeped the number 2 at the bottom of the pic. The #2 was the number Gianna wore, so this coincidence, miracle, or even message, is bigger than we think.

Shareef couldn't hide his surprise and excitement; he was happy to see that and to be able to share with the rest of us.

This has to be very powerful and meaningful for him. Kobe texted him the morning before he was killed and the connection he had with his uncle was something else. Just like he did during his playing days, Kobe always finds a way. Mamba Forever!