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Shareef O'Neal Trolls His Father Shaquille O'Neal: "Either I'm Not 6'10 Or He's Not 7'1"

Shareef O'Neal Trolls His Father Shaquille O'Neal: "Either I'm Not 6'10 Or He's Not 7'1"

Shaquille O'Neal created quite the legacy for himself during his playing days. Shaq entered the league with expectations of being one of the best big men in NBA history. And Shaq lived up to those expectations, and even exceeded some of them, as he went on to become the most dominant player in NBA history.

And now, his legacy is being carried forward by his son Shareef O'Neal. Shareef is currently playing collegiate basketball for LSU, the same college his father played at, and became a national sensation. Shareef, much like his father, is a big man, measuring in at 6'10. But his recent post has put into question his own height, as well as his father's.

Shareef O'Neal took to Twitter to post a few pictures with his father Shaquille O'Neal. In the captions, Shareef took the chance to troll Shaq, pointing out the fact that they were standing at eye level. Shareef questioned whether Shaq is actually 7'1, or whether he himself is taller than 6'10.

There may be some serious consideration required when it comes to Shareef's height. Shareef looked to be at almost the same height as Shaq. Perhaps Shaq has shrunk a little bit as he has grown older, which is not all that rare. Or maybe, scouts and markers are being conservative with Shareef's height.

There are players in the NBA whose heights are downplayed by statisticians. The best example of this is Kevin Durant. Durant is marked at 6'10, but most fans and analysts consider him to be a 7-foot player. But regardless of what the actual height is, Shareef looks to have the size that will make him a lucrative NBA draft pick in the future.

Shareef will certainly have big shoes to fill, playing under his father's name. But he should focus on his own play and legacy, and not worry about measuring up to his father. If he focuses on his own play, he can be very successful down the line in the NBA.