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Since Devin Booker Hooped With Kendall Jenner, He's Only Averaging 18.8 PPG On 39/21/87 Split

Devin Booker Defeats Kendall Jenner In Pop-A-Shot Game: 'New High Score'

Devin Booker's numbers have decreased in the past couple of games and the Phoenix Suns have suffered some big defeats in front of big rivals. Of course, they could lose those games seeing the level of the opponents but the Suns were an inspired team that isn't playing that well in the past seven games, just like their biggest star.

One Redditor that goes by the name 'True Quantity' found out that ever since he appeared in a video playing pop-a-shot with his girlfriend Kendall Jenner, his level and numbers have decreased. Earlier this month, the guard was spotted hooping with Jenner, beating her easily and even recording a new high score.

Well, he hasn't been as good in real life as he was during that game and the changes are very big for the player.

Since this video was posted to social media, Booker has been putting up very mediocre numbers, averaging 18.8 ppg over the span of 7 games on 39/21/87 split. He was also fouled out today.

TS% is only 48%.

Kardashian/Jenner curse in effect?

On Thursday night, the Suns were held to 86 points by the Boston Celtics and Booker was fouled out after scoring just 15 points. This is very curious, to say the least, especially for a player who was inspired and playing great with the Suns, who still rank 2nd in the Western Conference.

Some people believe this is the 'Kardashian curse' doing its thing, which has apparently affected other players like Lamar Odom, Tristan Thompson, Blake Griffin, and more. Well, hopefully, this is only a slump for Booker and he returns to the best level right before the postseason.

He has done a terrific job with Chris Paul this campaign and they could be one of the surprising teams this 2021 playoff. He's very happy with the supermodel and that has nothing to do with this bad moment. He'll be back in no time, demonstrating he's one of the best scorers in the league.

**Stats via StatMuse**