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Since James Wiseman's Injury, The Golden State Warriors Have Ranked No. 1 In Net Rating

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(via NBC Sports)

(via NBC Sports)

The Golden State Warriors have been on a roll lately, and finally, they look like they're developing some chemistry. The outcome of this season has been up in the air since Klay Thompson's injury, although the Warriors do look like they could end up making the playoffs via the play-in tournament. Their recent success has come without lauded rookie James Wiseman, who has the talent to become one of the best big men of the future.

Despite Wiseman's talent, the Golden State Warriors have done better without him on the court. A recent Reddit post has detailed that since the James Wiseman injury, the Golden State Warriors have been statistically better, and have the No. 1 defensive rating in the league (104.9), the No. 4 offensive rating in the league (116.7), as well as the best net rating (11.8). While statistics don't tell the whole story, it does seem that the Golden State Warriors have been doing well without Wiseman, as they are currently 7-2 in their last 9 games.

The Golden State Warriors' offensive system is difficult to learn. While there have been times where Wiseman flashed his talents this season, he looked very much like a rookie at other times. The Warriors will clearly be better once a promising center like Wiseman will be integrated into the system. But that will take a while, and perhaps a full year of NBA experience will help Wiseman develop in the offseason. James Wiseman is still a very promising young player, and he could help the Warriors once the game slows down for him.