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Six Years Ago, Dirk Nowitzki Turned Down $92 Million To Re-Sign With The Dallas Mavericks For $25 Million


Dirk Nowitzki is considered the greatest player to ever wear a Dallas Mavericks uniform and for very good reasons. He leads them in almost every single category, he turned them into a perennial contender, led them to a couple of NBA Finals, and even won them their first and only NBA Championship.

But more than what he accomplished in the hardwood, the fact that Dirk always stood loyal to the Mavericks organization is perhaps the biggest reason why he's so beloved among the fans and the Dallas community.

He was one of the biggest superstars in the league and could have gone elsewhere to pursue more rings or more money. He could even demand more money from the Mavericks and prevent them from signing other players, but he always chose not to.

As a matter of fact, the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers handed Dirk Nowitzki a $92 million deal in 2014, but he decided to decline both offers and sign a 3-year, $25 million deal to stay with the Dallas Mavericks.

That led to some speculation and people that said that Mark Cuban was somehow paying Dirk under the table to avoid going over the Salary Cap. Those allegations were fake and baseless, it was just Nowitzki trying to do what was best for the organization that gave him everything.

That's the kind of decision that turns you from a great player into a legend. Dirk Nowitzki will go down as the greatest shooting big man ever but more than that, he'll be remembered for his loyalty and for being a class out off the court as well.