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Sixers Reportedly “Very Angry” With Markelle Fultz And His Agent


This saga is not over quite yet.

Last night, we were updated on the Markelle Fultz situation. Raymond Brothers (Fultz’s Agent) revealed to ESPN that the former #1 overall pick was dealing with something called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, a supposed physical injury that affects the nerves between the shoulder and neck.

It is good news for Fultz, as the mystery of his issues is no longer a question.

For the Sixers, well, they’re less than pleased.

In the report by Howard Eskin, he notes the miscommunication between Fultz and the team. Apparently, the team was never debriefed on the situation and had no idea what was going on.

Instead, they elected to announce his TOS problem via ESPN before ever telling the team.

Also, Eskin adds that TOS isn’t really an injury. It’s a condition, meaning there’s no real structural damage to the area.

How that will affect Fultz’s recovery going forward is something we’ll have to see for ourselves. But it’s fair to say this whole situation could’ve been handled better.

As this drama continues to unfold, a clear rift between Markelle and the Philly front-office is being made present. At this point, a trade might be best for both sides.