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Skip Bayless Believes LeBron James’ Ankle Injury Was Not As ‘Horrible’ As James Said: “Yeah I Know He’s Immortal. He Makes Miracles. He’s Also The Master Media Manipulator.”

Skip Bayless Calls LeBron James ‘The Most Overprotected And Undercriticized Superstar’ In NBA History

LeBron James suffered a pretty nasty fall during the Los Angeles Lakers - New Orleans Pelicans game. LeBron rolled his ankle, which further aggravated the ankle injury that James has been dealing with throughout the course of the NBA season. James came out after the game and said that his ankle felt 'horrible', something that put his status in doubt for tonight's game. But Skip Bayless doesn't think LeBron is in a lot of pain.

Skip Bayless took to Twitter to take further shots at LeBron James and speculated about the nature of his injury. He noted that LeBron said his ankle felt terrible, but he was still making shots and playing well out of the injury. While Bayless gave some rare credit to LeBron for how good he is, he noted that James is a master manipulator when it comes to the media, and suggested he could be exaggerating the extent of it.

LeBron said after Sunday loss at Pels his turned ankle was "horrible." Huh? HE IMMEDIATELY MADE 4 THREES AND A DRIVING BUCKET - 14 PTS BEFORE HALF!!! I saw no limping, grimacing, protecting. Yeah, I know he's immortal. He makes miracles. He's also the Master Media Manipulator.

Bayless has consistently bashed LeBron James, for almost his entire career. One of the biggest reasons for the success of Bayless in his career has been the regular criticism he delivers when it comes to LeBron James. So it isn't surprising to see him disregard LeBron's injury in order to cast doubt over his comments and put the blame on the Lakers' loss on his shoulders.

The Los Angeles Lakers have a big game tonight, playing against the Dallas Mavericks. If the Lakers lose their game tonight, they will fall out of the 10th seed, and therefore, will not be in the final play-in spot in the Western Conference. It is a must-win for the Lakers, and if they have to play without LeBron James, the rest of the team will have to show something we haven't seen from them this season.