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Skip Bayless Calls Luka Doncic One Of The Worst Three-Point Shooters In The NBA



Luka Doncic almost single-handedly won Game 4 for the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday. While others stepped up in big ways (like Seth Curry, Tim Hardaway Jr., and Trey Burke), it was Luka who ultimately led the team to victory, by hitting the game-winning three and putting up a 43-point triple-double on 58% shooting.

While most in the NBA were in sheer awe, others were a bit salty, especially considering some of L.A.'s questionable decision-making late in the fourth quarter. Skip Bayless, unsurprisingly, falls in with the latter and was Tweeting all night about the Clippers' shortcomings.

Skip even went so far as to call Doncic a "terrible" three-point shooter.

Statistically speaking, Doncic made about 31% of his three-pointers during the regular season, totaling about 171 makes. That percentage is pretty low and it's clear that it's not Doncic's preferred shot.

Nonetheless, he is proving that he can make it when it matters most, and considering the kid is just 21-years-old, it's just amazing to witness.