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Skip Bayless Calls Out Draymond Green In Latest Twitter Attack: "Real Talk. Not Fake-Tough-Guy Stuff."

Draymond Green Reacts With Emojis After He Found Out That The Celtics Coaches Watched His Podcast To Find An Advantage In The NBA Finals

As the proud face of the NBA's "new media" movement, it's no surprise that Draymond Green finds himself clashing with some of the industry's most decorated and long-standing members.

Against FOX Sports broadcaster Skip Bayless, Dray has initiated an all-out Twitter war that has him exchanging blows with the 70-year-old sports analyst.

On Wednesday afternoon, things took another turn when Mr. Bayless attacked Draymond on Twitter. In a lengthy post, he challenged the 4x champion to debate him face-to-face for all the world to see. He also pushed Green to drop the 'fake tough guy' act.

“HEY, DRAYMOND GREEN … There you go again, taking shots at me from a safe distance. LET’S GO HEAD-TO HEAD, your podcast or mine or BOTH. Let’s go deep on LeBron or Steph or YOU. Or anything NFL since you’re the “New Media.” Real talk. Not fake-tough-guy stuff. I’M WAITING …”

Of course, this isn't the first time that Skip has called on Draymond to confront him face-to-face. A few days ago, he called the Warriors swingman chicken for refusing to sit down and hash things out on camera.

"No, Draymond, the real reason you wouldn't want me on your "New Media" podcast is you fear I'd make you look foolish," tweeted Skip. "You could edit but you'd know I'd be taping on my end. Of course, I'd LOVE to have you on my podcast but there's no way you'd risk that. So, keep making excuses!"

This whole thing started after Draymond Green flamed Bayless on his podcast for his negative and antagonistic attack on players (especially LeBron James). Dray then called the FOX sports analyst part of the 'real media' that he, along with several others, is trying to exterminate from the networks.

Really, Draymond is just trying to defend himself from criticism, and Bayless has always been one of his biggest haters.

No matter how you feel about this debate between the old and new era of basketball coverage, just know that neither side is going anywhere and dudes like Skip Bayless, Draymond Green, and Stephen A. Smith will continue to dominate the landscape for years to come.