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Skip Bayless Calls Out LeBron James For Bricking 3 Pointers: “Please Quit Jacking Up 3s. You’re Killing Your Team.”

Skip Bayless Calls Out LeBron James For Bricking 3 Pointers: “Please Quit Jacking Up 3s. You’re Killing Your Team.”

Despite turning 37-years-old, LeBron James has simply been amazing for the Los Angeles Lakers. The All-Star forward has been putting up numbers that stand out in the box score, night after night.

Many have already labeled this as one of the greatest seasons by LBJ and arguably the best ever since his prime. But even though LBJ has been doing great, the Lakers have struggled to win games consistently. 

Although LeBron is doing everything he can at this age to keep the team in contention, there seems to be one person who is still finding new ways to criticize the Lakers superstar.

You might have already guessed that we are talking about none other than renowned NBA analyst Skip Bayless. Throughout his career, Skip never seems to appreciate what LeBron has done. Instead, he always nitpicks a negative aspect of James' game.

He recently did so by saying that LeBron is trying to stat pad in order to break Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's record of scoring the most points in NBA history. Adding more to it, he further criticized James by talking about his 3-point shooting.

"LeBron: Please quit jacking up 3s. You're killing your team. You're attempting a (by far) career-high 8 a game (NBA's 16th most). You're making a pretty pathetic 35%, which ranks 92nd. Way too many LeBricks. I know you're trying to win a scoring title/pass Kareem. But seriously."

Skip urged LeBron to stop taking so many threes this season. While LeBron is taking more 3-pointers than usual, there is a reason for it. The purple and gold brought many designated players to handle the 3-point shooting. But so far those players are yet to settle in with the team.

On top of that, his superstar teammates Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook aren't playing like they are supposed to. Combining this situation, he is burdened with more responsibilities than expected, he has been forced to take more three-pointers than expected.

If the other players step up, the situation might improve for James. As far as Skip's comments are considered, no matter what LeBron does, Skip will never be pleased with his performances.