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Skip Bayless Calls Out Russell Westbrook 'Selfish' After James Harden Declines $47.4 Million Player Option: "Westbrook Opted In For His $47M, After An All-Time Disastrous Season. He Is About Helping Only Westbrook."

Nick Wright Calls Out The Lakers For Being Cheap About Not Attaching Future Picks In Any Potential Russell Westbrook Trade: "It's Like Walking Into A Restaurant And Sitting down And Being Like I'm Very Hungry, I'll Like A Meal And I Will Not Pay."

Russell Westbrook's move to the Los Angeles Lakers has been nothing but a disaster. One of the most hyped trades of the 2021-22 season, many expected Westbrook to finally compete for a championship in a long time.

But ever since the start of the season, it was clear that it would take some time for the Lakers to figure out where Westbrook fits into their system. This clearly showed throughout the season as well as the Lakers did not function as a cohesive unit when Westbrook was given the free rein as the primary ball handler. 

Once LeBron James was on the court, the duo never fit, and the trade for the 2017 MVP seemed like a massive gamble. Given how disastrous a season the Purple and Gold had, many fans were very vocal of the Lakers to trade their latest superstar.

A trade comes with its caveats and the ones with the Westbrook trade was his massive contract and the extra year Brodie could opt-in. Ahead of the free agency, the 33-year-old understandably made the move and secured a $47 million bag for the upcoming season.

While Brodie opted for such a move, his former compatriot James Harden took a team friendly route with the 76ers. Opting out of his contract, Harden will become a free agent and could sign a much more team friendly deal in order to compensate another piece to the Sixers' title piece.

Skip Bayless certainly wasn't the biggest fan of the move that Westbrook did. In a recent tweet, the veteran analyst compared Westbrook with Harden.

While it's unsure of what the future holds for Westbrook, him securing a trade away from the Lakers seems highly unlikely given the hefty price tag it comes with. 

The best that the former MVP can hope for is to find a better role in the team and contribute to the team in a winning manner. If Westbrook can help with Lakers squad to a good playoff season, we could really see Brodie finally gaining some of his lost reputation back.