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Skip Bayless Challenges Russell Westbrook To Join Him In Face-To-Face Meeting: "Let's Talk About How You'll Make $47 Million Next Year After Being The Worst 3-Point Shooter In The NBA!"

Russell Westbrook

After an abysmal season in Los Angeles, Russell Westbrook is encountering criticism from every corner of the NBA community. Among his loudest critics is FOX Sports' Skip Bayless, who was recently caught in a Twitter encounter with the former MVP.

Westbrook was forced to respond after Bayless called him 'Westbrick.'

Of course, Mr. Bayless did not let things end there. On Sunday evening, he extended a personal invitation to Russ to come and talk things over on 'The Skip Bayless Show.'

And no, he wasn't exactly nice about it.

Hey, Russell Westbrook... happy to talk face-to-face about the nickname I believe I originated in 2012. JOIN ME ON TV/PODCAST. Let's talk about how you'll make $47 mil next yr after being THE WORST 3-PT SHOOTER IN THE NBA! Most overpaid player ever? PLEASE JOIN ME

For those that don't know, Westbrook isn't a huge fan of the 'Westbrick' nickname. Earlier this season, he issued a passionate and lengthy message asking people not to call him that.

"It really hit me the other day," Russ said. "Me and wife were at the teacher-parent conference for my son. And the teacher told me, Noah is so proud of his last name, he writes it everywhere, he tells everyone ‘I’m Westbrook’… I kind of sat there in shock and it hit me. I can’t no longer allow people, for example, Westbrick to me is now shaming, shaming my name and my legacy for my kid. It’s a name that means more to me, my wife, my mom, my dad, the ones that paved the way for me."

It's not hard to sympathize with Westbrook's position here. Calling the guy names may be fun and games to the fans, but Russ is the one that has to constantly hear it around himself and his family.

But if he really wants the name-calling to stop, he's going to have to start playing better. If he plays like the star he once was, people will have to start showing him the respect he wants.