Skip Bayless Claims That Kyle Kuzma Is The Most Clutch Player On The Los Angeles Lakers

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(via Lakers Daily)

(via Lakers Daily)

Kyle Kuzma has had an interesting NBA career. He was viewed as a prolific scorer the first two years in the league but has since cut down on his scoring to fit on a championship roster. Sacrifice is key to winning rings, but it's not like Kyle Kuzma has lost his scoring ability. It showed in the recent Los Angeles Lakers win against the Indiana Pacers when Kyle Kuzma was the team's leading scorer.

In the aftermath of the win against the Indiana Pacers, sports pundit Skip Bayless praised Kuzma's abilities in the clutch and has even stated that Kuzma should be the closer for the Los Angeles Lakers.

This is a controversial opinion, to say the least. It's hard to imagine a world where LeBron James isn't closing a game for the Los Angeles Lakers, especially while he is still playing MVP level basketball. Kuzma is a great shot-creator: but LeBron James is simply on another level. While Bayless's praise of Kuzma is warranted after his performance against the Indiana Pacers, it does seem ridiculous to suggest that he should take shots in the clutch over Anthony Davis or LeBron James.

Kyle Kuzma is playing some of his best basketball in recent memory. While he may not get the offensive touches that he desires on the Lakers, he can still be an effective 6th man with a scoring focus. Hopefully, Kyle Kuzma continues playing the way he has and stepping up in the absence of Anthony Davis.