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Skip Bayless: 'Draymond Green Has Become LeBron’s 6th Horseman.'

Skip Bayless: 'Draymond Green Has Become LeBron’s 6th Horseman.'

Skip Bayless never misses a chance to take a shot at LeBron James and he doesn't hesitate to involve more players. It's well known all the animosity Bayless has towards Bron and he often takes things further when it comes to criticizing the King.

Recently, he went after Draymond Green, who praised LeBron for his performances on the court and the way he helped people while he wasn't playing basketball. Green even called him the GOAT and said his recipe was 'flawless'.

Bayless reacted to these comments, taking a jab at Green, calling him the 'sixth horseman' of Bron, putting him in a list with some of the most famous LeBron's defenders. On Wednesday's edition of FS1's Undisputed, Bayless reacted to Draymond saying LeBron will take the Lakers to win the championship.

"Draymond called LeBron the 'B' word. Next thing I know, he's business partners with LeBron and signed to Klutch Sports! Now it sounds like Draymond is LeBron's PR Director!"

He doubled down his comments on Twitter, adding Green to the list of LeBron's horsemen.

"Draymond Green has become LeBron’s 6th Horseman. Alongside Maverick Carter, Rich Paul, Randy Mims, Shannon Sharpe and Kendrick Perkins," he wrote.

Draymond and Bron had a big rivalry given all the times they faced each other in the Finals. All of that has disappeared and the relationship between them seems to be just fine. Green recognizes LeBron as one of the best players in NBA history but Bayless can't help but criticize the Golden State Warriors star.