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Skip Bayless Flames LeBron James After Game 2: "He Wanted No Part Of That Last Play."

(via Sporting News)

(via Sporting News)

Skip Bayless' animosity towards LeBron James is probably the worst kept secret in the entire NBA community.

Since basically the beginning, Bayless has been an aggressive critic of the King, often weighing the flaws of his game over anything else.

Tonight, even as the Lakers sit just two wins away from an NBA Finals appearance, Skip found a way to bring down James, citing the fact that he wasn't the one to take that last shot to win the game.

As a player who is gunning to be called the GOAT, it's certainly an interesting choice for him to give up the last shot of an important playoff game. Heck, even Anthony Davis admitted the play was originally drawn up for Bron before it somehow ended up in his hands.

Then again, perhaps LeBron's ability to trust in his teammates during crunch time should be seen as a positive. After all, it usually achieves the desired results.

Additionally, LeBron James has not shied away from taking it himself, either, as he holds the NBA record for most post-season game-winners ever with five.

Regardless, when it comes to the here and now, the Lakers came away with the win, and James was a huge part of the reason why. Despite the criticisms, there's no question he's happy with how things turned out.