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Skip Bayless Flames Russell Westbrook For Offseason Workout Video: "Does He Have No Shame?"

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As he prepares for his first season as a Laker, it should be no surprise that Russell Westbrook has been hard at work this summer to keep himself in his best condition.

Recently, Westbrook shared some footage of himself in the gym, looking spry as he dunked over two defenders.

And while there's nothing malicious about the video itself, FOX Sports' Skip Bayless was not a fan -- and called out Russ for shamelessly flexing about 'dunking over kids.'

“Does he (Russell Westbrook) have no shame? I’ve never seen anything like this before. He’s dunking over three kids. I think they’re like high school kids and they don’t look like they’re that athletic,” Skip Bayless said.

"He’s dunking, and he’s actually mean-mugging to people who are taking this video. He’s doing the equivalent of chest-beating, checks chest flexing. And one with three high school kids. I don’t even know if they play basketball or not. I’m not sure they play basketball and they’re trying to bother a shot with extenders and he’s going to dunk over.” 

The video, which was featured on Westbrook's Instagram, is pretty standard stuff, though his defenders do seem pretty young.

Westbrook, 32, is a former MVP, 9x All-Star, 2x Scoring Champ, and 9x NBA All-NBA player. After stints with the Thunder, Rockets, and Wizards, he was traded to the Lakers this summer, where he hopes to win his first-ever NBA Championship.

And while this upcoming season will be a huge opportunity for Russ, he doesn't believe he's got anything left to prove.

"Uh, no. ... When I got drafted in the NBA, that was me proving people wrong. ... Go to college, from the inner city, that was me proving people wrong. Just making it out the hood was proving people wrong."

It remains to be seen what this next season will bring for Westbrook. Can he return to playing at an MVP level? Will he be a good fit alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis?

There's still a lot to figure out, and much uncertainty about what is to come, but he seems ready for whatever comes his way.