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Skip Bayless Gives Anthony Davis No Chance To Win MVP This Season



After all that it took to get Anthony Davis to the Lakers, people are expecting big things from him this upcoming season. He is expecting big things from himself.

But for NBA analyst Skip Bayless, he isn't sold that Davis is going to shine as bright as everyone thinks.

In a segment on Fox Sport's Undisputed, he gave A.D. slim chances to take home this year's MVP award.

It is true that Davis is entering uncharted territories this season in Los Angeles. With him on board, the world will be keeping a constant eye on him to fulfill their mountainous expectations for him.

To go along with that, his leadership is still largely unproven, his health has been a constant problem, and there is no guarantee the Lakers will be among the Western Conference elite this season.

All that to say this: the odds are certainly stacked against him to take home MVP honors. Nevertheless, you can expect Davis to go all-in on restoring glory to the once glamorous franchise.