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Skip Bayless: 'How Can Any LeBron Lover Watch This "Last Dance" And Still Think LeBron Is Better Than The One And Only, Michael Jordan?'

(via Jordan)

(via Jordan)

LeBron James has been a polarizing player since day one. He was extremely hyped and heavily-coveted during his High School games, so some diehard Michael Jordan fans just weren't fond of his because of 'The Chosen One' narrative and the fact that he also wore number 23.

Obviously, none of that's actually LeBron's fault and he's done an outstanding job both on and off the court to earn everybody's respect. However, just like most things in sports, there are people that'll always find a way to demeanor him and his legacy.

One of those people is Fox Sport's Skip Bayless, who just won't pass on any opportunity to take a shot at the King, and that has been at its peak now that 'The Last Dance' documentary has been a massive success over the past 5 weeks.

And now that it's come to an end, Bayless didn't hesitate to pull the trigger one more time and bash LeBron, claiming there's just no way anybody will still believe he's the Greatest Of All Time after watching Jordan's footage:

"How can any LeBron lover watch this "Last Dance" and still think LeBron is better than The One and Only, Michael Jordan??? This was "The Last Dance" for LeBron's GOAT argument," Bayless tweeted.

Needless to say, there will always be people who think James will never top Jordan. There will also be people who believe that LeBron is a far superior player and nothing, not even a great piece of work like The Last Dance is going to change that.

As for Skip, he'll continue to talk trash about LeBron until the end of time, there's just nothing to do about it.