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Skip Bayless Is Disappointed In Kevin Durant: 'Great Players Just Play'

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Once again Kevin Durant shut the door on a potential debut with the Brooklyn Nets this season. All signs pointed towards that happening even regardless of the four-month hiatus the league went through, but fans and media kept wondering and pushing.

Durant claims that he's looking forward to preserving his body for the next season and the remainder of his career, which is perfectly fine, especially considering that he rushed himself back to the court in the Finals and that aggravated his condition.

However, Uninterrupted's Skip Bayless claims that he's 'disappointed' on Durant because of his decision to sit out the remainder of the season, given the fact that it's been over a year from the day he had surgery:

"I'm so disappointed in the best player on the planet. I call him that almost every day on the show. And he did say 'I'm going to miss this season' but he missed it! It ended on April 15th, and his Nets were 7th seed and they would've lasted past April 15th I don't know, maybe a couple of weeks, 10 days. And the season would've been over. By July 31st when the NBA relaunches that would be a year and two months since his surgery. That's plenty enough time to completely heal from Achilles reattachment. I'm sorry, it makes me wonder about Kevin because great players just play. Michael Jordan came back early from injury. Magic, and Bird, and all the great ones. They just played because they loved the game," Skip started.

When Shannon Sharpe pointed out Durant's mindset about thinking about the long run, Bayless went on to claim that Durant could still play for another 8 years. Moreover, he went on to add that Kyrie Irving should've also been ready and that Durant got almost 30 million for doing nothing:

"It's not that late it's the middle of his career. He can't play 8 more years? Yes, he can. (...) He got to miss the season and he also with a 25% payment reduction still made almost 30 million dollars for doing nothing. This was right on schedule, Kyrie would be five months from arthroscopic shoulder surgery. Arthroscopic is not a big deal. It would be a two-month heal. He would be 1000% ready to go," Bayless concluded.

Perhaps Skip has never been through that kind of rehab. Going as far as to claim he did nothing is just flat out disrespectful. Also, the Nets were aware of Durant's condition and agreed to pay him that kind of money. That's just how good he is and why he's not going to jeopardize his career for a long shot at an NBA Championship. He's got 2 of those already, Skip.