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Skip Bayless Is Mad At LeBron James: "LeBron Out There Dribbling Between His Legs, Back/Forth, Back/Forth, Like He's Kyrie. Kind Of Embarrassing. Act Your Age, King."


Skip Bayless was bitter after the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Phoenix Suns in Game 2 of their first-round playoffs series. The controversial analyst found new ways to criticize the King, taking to Twitter to attack the player. 

First, he criticized LeBron for dribbling the ball like he was someone else or younger. Skip compared Bron to Kyrie Irving for his handles, saying he was too old to be dribbling the ball a certain way. 

"LeBron out there dribbling between his legs, back/forth, back/forth, like he's Kyrie. Kind of embarrassing. Act your age, King."

After the game was over, Bayless said the Lakers and LeBron were lucky that Chris Paul didn't play in the 4th quarter. Otherwise, the result would have been different for the purple and gold. Besides, he compared this situation to when the Lakers lived in the bubble when they faced the Miami Heat with injured players. 

"Seriously, how lucky is LeBron??? Chris Paul is so hurt he can't even play in the 4th quarter, so Lakers finally, predictably are pulling away. Last season the Lakers got to play the 5th seed Heat when Dragic and Bam were hurt. Basketball gods love you, King."

Even without CP3, the Lakers fought until the last minute of the game. Then, LeBron took over and led the Lakers to the promised land. Well, that didn't please Bayless, and he let people know. 

The series is moving to Los Angeles now, where the Lakers will try to win two games to get closer to the second round. On the other hand, Suns have demonstrated they're not afraid of anything and that's something remarkable. This series will give us more incredible moments, and we can't wait to see what's next for these two squads.